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Prophecy Weapons

Item Name / Description
Season Class
Weapon Type
Garden Progeny 1
Two siblings cleaved by time and space, reflections never found alone,
The ending of the eldritch ra...
The Conqueror 2
To Tower comes a war in red; an orphan sounds the empire's call.
Mortal angels mourn the dead while ...
Jack Queen King 3
An army meets, and stands, and falls. Three nobles wage their hopeless war.
In shifting madness, evi...
Machina Dei 4
A charnel but effulgent orb—beacon in a loathsome dark—
Fêted, fetid corpses rise—a too-long-absent ...
Traveler's Judgment 5
A visitor ignites the sky, and in the truth of light it dreams:
Above the dead and yet-to-die, a leg...
Sol Pariah 6
Amid the endless death one flew—unnatural all-consuming need—
And in the space between the two, accu...
West of Sunfall 7
A spark of knowledge with each fall, the purpose of the endless youth.
No longer shunned, dark's nam...
Infinite Paths 8
They sowed the First, now reap the Last; forever narrows to a line
Where Light will fade into the pa...
Null Calamity 9
A sacred eye that speaks in lies—upending futures in its path.
The way before us to the skies shall ...
Future Safe 10
See who's robed as if a god, who stands with pride above the rest!
Destroy this ancient nameless fra...
Perfect Paradox
A tale that's different from the rest: the thread unfurls against the clocks.
The one the Speaker lo...